Kinrinko Lake

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Kinrinko Lake is a tourist spot representative of Yufuin, and an abundance of nature covers the surrounding area. Because it's located at the bottom of Mt. Yufudake, in the Oita dialect it used to be called "taken shitan ike," which literally translates to "pond at the bottom of the mountain." However, in 1884, Confucian scholar Mouri Kuso saw fish scales shining gold in the setting sun and renamed it Kinrinko (kin (金) = gold, rin (鱗) = scales, ko (湖) = lake). The circumference of the lake is outfitted with a walking path, so visitors can gaze out at the colors of the natural scenery that change with each season while enjoying a leisurely stroll. Also, in the lake, fresh water and hot spring water are mixed, leading the temperature of the water to be relatively high. In early winter mornings steam rises off the lake, creating an enchanting, fairytale-like atmosphere.

0.5 Hours
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Postal code
Yufuin-cho Kawakami, Yufu City, Oita
大分県由布市湯布院町川上 金鱗湖
Recommended season
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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