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Kofuku Station is a station along the former national railway Hiroo Line in Kofuku-cho, Obihiro City, Hokkaido. Kofuku Station and the nearby Aikoku Station are both said to be sacred places for lovers, and this stretch of railway was given the catchphrase "ai no kuni kara koufuku he," which uses the characters from the stations (愛国 and 幸福) and literally means "from the country of love to happiness." The ticket from Aikoku Station to Kofuku Station has been popular among tourists since sales first started, and it has held the position of the number one souvenir item for the area without competition for around 40 years. Nearby the station there is a water fountain called Ai no Izumi, which translates to "spring of love," and tree called Koufuku no Ki, which means "tree of happiness," both of which are popular with couples. In addition, the diesel cars and wooden platforms have been preserved in their original state, so visitors can enjoy feeling as if they slipped back through time. This is a place sure to make anyone smile, so don't hesitate to visit with family or a significant other.

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Kofuku Station, Kofuku-cho, Obihiro City, Hokkaido
北海道帯広市幸福町東1線 幸福駅
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May, July, August, September, October

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