Misasa Onsen

Onsen(Hot Springs)
Free Admission

Located at the center of Tottori Prefecture, Misasa Onsen is one of the best radioactive hot springs in the whole country, its water including highly-concentrated radon (weak radiation generated from the decomposition of radium). The origin of the name Misasa Onsen comes from the benefits of the hot spring, and it is said that if one spends three mornings soaking in the warm water here, he or she will gain energy (the Japanese characters used to write "misasa" literally mean "three" and "morning"). Just as it's said, the radiation contained in the hot spring provides a variety of health benefits, such as activating the metabolism and boosting the immune system and natural healing abilities. One can reap these benefits by soaking in the hot spring, of course, but breathing in the steam of the vaporized radon and drinking the spring water abundant in minerals will also help with the prevention of aging and lifestyle diseases.
Just below Misasabashi Bridge, which crosses the Mitokugawa River, one will find a particularly famous part of Misasa Onsen, Kawara Buro. Kawara Buro can be used for free, but it is a mixed-gender open-air bath with only a simple divider, so anyone who feels uncomfortable can check out the footbath set up to the side. There are also some attractions such as shooting gallery games and small-time candy shops in the surrounding onsen town, so visitors can enjoy a stroll while basking in the old-timey atmosphere.

Photograph provided by Tottori Pref.

Postal code
Misasa, Tohaku-gun Misasa-cho, Tottori

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