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Mt. Mitakesan in Okutama, Tokyo, has been worshiped as sacred since long ago, and it is also known as a power spot. Blessed with so much nature that it doesn't feel at all like it's within the Tokyo Metropolis, visitors will have the opportunity to surround themselves with a variety of plants unique to each of the four seasons as well as see a variety of wild birds and insects.
In spring and summer, greenery grows thickly in the rock gardens along mountain streams, and mossy stones and waterfalls offer nice places to cool down and rest. Visitors in autumn will be able to enjoy hiking while gazing at the trees colored by the changing leaves. The grounds of Musashimitake Jinja Shrine at the summit boast an unbroken view of the Tama region, and it is famous for its particularly beautiful nightscape. Visitors looking out through the clear air of winter might be able to see as far as Tokyo Skytree and the skyscrapers of Shinjuku.
There is also a cable car in operation, and after getting off it's only about a 30 minute walk to Musashimitake Jinja Shrine at the summit, so even those who don't care for intense hiking will be able to enjoy their visit.

Photographs provided by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

4.0 Hours
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Mt. Mitakesan, Oume City, Tokyo
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April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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