Nomizo No Taki Waterfall

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Nomizo No Taki Waterfall is a scenic spot in Chiba. Rather than the natural beauty of the waterfall or stream attracting visitors and photographers, it is the natural spectacle that unfolds in the early morning which draws people here. When the early morning sun sends the first rays of light through the cave opening of the waterfall, the light's reflection in the water creates a cute heart shape. Because of this effect, the waterfall is considered a romantic spot. Given its romantic perception, at a nearby shrine, people write down their wishes on heart-shaped ema (wooden wish plagues). The only potential downside to visiting the Nomizo No Taki Waterfall is that, to get the best possible photograph, you'd have to get up early in the morning.

Photograph provided by Kimitsu City, Chiba

1.0 Hour
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1954 Sasa, Kimitsu City, Chiba
千葉県君津市笹1954 濃溝の滝
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