Saitobaru Archaeological Museum of Miyazaki Prefecture

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The Saitobaru Archaeological Museum of Miyazaki Prefecture is devoted to the archaelogical study of the Saitobaru burial mounds and tombs. Ancient burial mounds (kofun), created before the spread of writing, can be found throughout Japan and the Saitobaru area is notable for its concentration of these and other tombs, some of which have been reconstructed. Most of the tombs seem to have been created between the 4th to 7th centuries and artifacts excavated provide hints about the culture and food of south Kyushu at this time and its close connections to the East Asian mainland. If you want to learn more about the mysterious tombs you can find in this area, you should definitely consider a visit to this museum.

Photograph provided by Saitobaru Archaeological Museum of Miyazaki Prefecture

1.5 Hours
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5670 Miyake, Saito City, Miyazaki
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Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 10:00~18:00

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