Shiraito Falls (Fukuoka)

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Shiraito Falls in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is located partway up Mt. Haganeyama at an elevation of 530 meters. This gentle waterfall was named for its aesthetic, flowing like white threads down the rock face (shiro=white, ito=thread). It has also been chosen by the prefecture as a place of scenic beauty. Nearby the falls is the Shiraito no Taki Fureai no Sato, which includes a four-season café, a water wheel, an observation area, and a canal for yamame trout fishing, making it an excellent spot for visitors to enjoy interacting with nature. Particularly beautiful is late June through late July, when the area surrounding the falls boasts over 100,000 blooming hydrangeas.
Additionally, the Yamame Trout Fishing Festival is held in May during Golden Week, which is also when the famous somen nagashi (chilled noodles sent down a bamboo half-pipe filled with flowing cold water) starts. In summer, this is a popular place for people looking to cool off.

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460-6 Shiraito, Itoshima City
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July, August

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