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Contrary to its name, SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is the largest indoor miniature theme park in the world, covering around 8,000 square meters. The facility recreates the world around us at a 1:80 scale, and the displays are split into five different zones. At the Kansai International area, visitors can see the operations of KIX, one of the busiest airports in Asia, on a miniature scale. The Space Center area models the 1970s Apollo Program, and the Global Village is home to re-creations of various countries in Asia and Europe from the World War I period. Pop culture fans shouldn't miss out on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon area, which displays figures set in the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo of the series. Lastly, there are two Evangelion areas: Cage and Tokyo III. Here, visitors can relive the launch scene from the movie and fully realize the scale of the units compared to the people.
The facility has an interactive side as well: visitors can see the displays move at the push of a button and even become ""journalists"" and report on the park events through social media. Also, at the request of residents, visitors can work together to solve mysteries in the Small Worlds. In addition, you can have the chance to actually become a resident yourself and ""live"" in Small World. Using a 3D scanner, staff will make a miniature version of you, which will then be set in the Small World display of your choice for a full year; you will also receive a copy of your miniature figure as a souvenir. There are also VIP tours available, at which participants can learn about the displays and the mechanics behind the exhibits on guided backstage tours. Inside the facility there is also a restaurant, a lounge, a bar, and souvenir shops, rounding out the experience.
There are sure to be plenty of photo ops during this unique experience, so make sure the batteries on all cameras and smart phones are charged before visiting.

Photograph provided by SMALL WORLDS / ©khara / ©Naoko Takeuchi

3.0 Hours
Postal code
Ariake Butsuryu Center, 1-3-33, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
東京都江東区有明1丁目3−33 有明物流センター
Method of payment
Cash, Credit Card
Recommended season
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Business Hours
: 10:00~21:00

The admission is carried out at the appointed time every 30 minutes.
Final admission 30 minutes before closing.

Opening/Closing times may vary irregularly. Please check the official website for further details.

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