Yodoyabashi Bridge

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Located next to Yodoyabashi Station, Yodoyabashi Bridge is surrounded by several architectural landmarks such as Osaka City Central Public Hall and the Bank of Japan. Thanks to its design and harmony with the surrounding cityscape, it was nominated as Osaka’s most attractive bridge. The 65-meter-long bridge gets its name from the influential Yodoya family, which was heavily involved in the foundation of several marketplaces like the Dojima Rice Market and Zakoba Fish Market. The original bridge was washed away in the Great Flood of 1885 and was not rebuilt until 1935 following a design competition. Now, countless cars and pedestrians cross Yodoyabashi Bridge every day, marking it as a functional and historical staple of the city.

Photograph provided by Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

0.5 Hours
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1 Chome-3 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka

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