【Teaser trip】Hiroshima / okunoshima & scenic setouchi with rabbits and war legacy

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This is a highlight of Okunoshima island lying in the Seto Inland Sea. About 150 selected pictures are shared during the 30-minute-long zoom meeting, which gives you a round-the-island tour. The tour aims to be interactive with your feedback and questions at the end of the tour.

The area along the Seto Inland Sea is called Setouchi. The Setouchi area, so scenic and enchanting with lots of islands and islets, was top on the 2019 Cool List of National Geographic Traveler. But Okunoshima had already been known among overseas tourists because of a YouTube movie posted by a Hong-Kong traveler; and the movie should be called the "rabbit stampede." Yes, wild rabbits live on the island. Hundreds of them. In addition to those rabbits in the beautiful Setouchi settings, the island has remains of the former army's installations from Japan's early modern time. The island became a resort in 1963 and bunnies were released by a local elementary school. And they just thrived with no natural enemies except crows. See the rabbits and fantastic Setouchi and above all let us learn the history of war.


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-The teaser trips will be held using Zoom meetings.
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  1. 1
    Introducing Setouchi

    Some Setouchi pictures are shown to you to give you a typical image of the area.

  2. 2
    Landing on the island

    The start of the tour to the island is a boat ride for 12 minutes from Tadanoumi Port to Okunoshima Pier No. 2. Rabbits are already there and you cannot help having a happy smile. But a few-minute walk takes you to the ruins of the power station for the former army's poison gas factory. There, too, rabbits are running.

  3. 3
    Walking around the island

    The island is good for leisurely walking. The peripheral road is about three kilometers long and the hill is just 100 meters high. In this trip, we will take a counter-clockwise walk around the island. Along the way come rabbits, ruins of the army installations, and occasionally the Seto Inland Sea scenery before coming back to the pier.


Customer Reviews


Jasmin was a superb guide, friendly and knowledgeable. She told lots of interesting stories about a beautiful, historical island, Okunoshima, in the Seto Inland sea. Although I once visited there when I was young, my memory was so vague that I was happy to learn a lot about the island. Thank you so much, Jasmin.


Informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much!


Traveled all across Japan

Hi, I'm jasmine. This is my artistic name and for your reference my real name is Yasuko Nakai. But I've been jasmine for quite a while. I'm originally from Wakayama Prefecture near Kyoto, Nara and Osaka and the place is now known for the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, one of the two world heritage pilgrimage paths along with Santiago de Compostela. Remote mystic places like them fascinate me. And often that's what I would like to share with you. But I've been away from Wakayama for a long time. I live in Hiroshima now though my family and I were in and out of Hiroshima a few times. But for my two daughters, Hiroshima is home. They were born here and now live far away. Besides in Wakayama and Hiroshima, I lived in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Oregon. I've been a professional tour guide based in Hiroshima for over 20 years and guided many other places on top of Hiroshima. My particular fields of interests are exploring architecture, art installations, traditional gardens, and local culture. And as a new interest, I learned how to be connected with people via zoom in 2020 and that's why I'm here !!

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