【Teaser Trip】Hiroshima/ ”With a tour guide with 20 years of experience: Trip to visit a sacred island, Miyajima”

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My name is Yoshimi Nakao, your tour guide.
I will guide you as I always do in my real tours.

The oldest name of Miyajima was Itukishima, the island to worship gods.
Since ancient times, people regarded the island itself as a god.
In 593, a shrine to worship gods was built in the sea, but why in the sea?

The island, and Mount Misen, is famously known as one of Japan’s Three Most Scenic Spots.
14% of the island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I’ll relate various experiences I’ve had as a manners instructor and a tour guide as well.

Why don't you join me to make your knowledge of Miyajima professional one?

After experiencing this tour, I am sure you’ll want to visit Miyajima on a real tour by yourselves.


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【Teaser Trip 】
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  1. 1
    The history of the World Heritage Miyajima

    The Itsukushima shrine stands on Miyajima island where the island itself is worshipped as a sacred god.
    But why local people worship the island as a god?
    Through the 20-year of guiding experience, I have learned in what point the guests get curiosity.
    I am ready to answer various kinds of questions you may wonder.

  2. 2
    Itsukushima shrine

    Why was the shrine built in such a way as if it were floating on the sea?
    Why is the red Torii Gate standing in the water?
    You will learn the proper manners to visit a shrine in Japan.

  3. 3
    Senjokaku and five storied pagoda

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the famous Samurai visited Miyajima and ordered to build Senjokaku for the war dead.
    What is a pagoda? Why Senjokaku left unfinished?

  4. 4
    Shopping street

    Hiroshima is famous for oysters, vegetable pancakes and lemons.
    Just strolling around at the shopping street is so fun.


Customer Reviews


The guide escorted us to Miyajima in such an elegant manner. Her English is awesome!


A veteran guide with 20-year of guiding experience will offer you a virtual tour.

Hi, there! My name is Yoshimi. I was born and raised in Hiroshima. Having worked for All Nippon Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways as a flight attendant, I now work as a tour guide, an interpreter and an instructor for manners and etiquette. I have been working as a nationally licensed tour guide including for VIPs for 20 years since 2001. Since I live in Hiroshima, I mainly offer tours in and around Hiroshima. Two of the most popular sightseeing spots in the world, Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima, are in Hiroshima. You must visit the sacred island "Miyajima". Sacred deer welcome us on the island. I am happy to customize your tour, so shoot me a note. Why don't you join me to make your knowledge of Miyajima professional one?

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