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In this tour you will visit a beautiful shrine in the woods with a large open space which is used for a unique purpose and a Buddhist temple with countless figurines of beckoning cats, then take a city tram just for a few minutes and stop by a historic building which served as an office/residence of a rich farmer family who ruled the area on behalf of a powerful samurai lord. This tour will take you back to Tokyo as it was hundreds of years ago.


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  1. 1
    Setagaya Hachiman Shrine

    This Shinto shrine was established more than 900 years ago and has long been worshipped by local people as a guardian shrine of the community. Other than the colorful shrine building, you will visit a large open space used for a special purpose at annual festival and a tiny subsidiary shrine by a small but beautiful pond and mini-waterfall. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and guess what the space is used for.

  2. 2
    Gotokuji temple

    Built in late 15c, this Buddhist temple, although not so large in scale, has a lot to offer; a very Japanese view with scattering maple trees and a three-story pagoda, a large incense burner with a roaring Chinese lion on top, etc. Above all, however, its biggest charm is hundreds of beckoning cat figurines. The temple has a fascinating story which links it with the cats, and you will learn it in this tour!

  3. 3
    Local administrator's residence

    For about 300 years this building was used as the office/residence of Oba family, a rich farmer family whose head in many generations had served as a local administrator for a powerful samurai lord who owned the area. You can have a look at this traditional farm house and visit its kitchen with old kitchen stoves.


Customer Reviews


The area was so quiet and beautiful, with an old Shinto shrine and historical places. It was fun to follow our guide; Yumi took a city tram on tour. Thank you, Yumi san, for a wonderful tour.


Fun-loving Tokyoite

Hi, I'm Yumi. I'm a government-certified tour guide, born and grew up in Tokyo. I am a sociable person and love to meet and talk with people with different cultural backgrounds. I think the greatest charm of Tokyo is that the old and the new coexist with each other. In my virtual tours I would like to take you to fascinating places such as the Lucky Cat Temple with countless beckoning cats, a park which boasts a wide variety of relocated and restored old Japanese buildings that make you feel as if you went back in time, or a fashionable shopping street lined with unique modern buildings designed by world-famous Japanese architects, etc. Now, let’s start your adventure with me and enjoy Tokyo to the fullest!

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