【Teaser Trip】Hiroshima/ Atomic Bomb Dome: Road to the World Heritage with Stories Behind the Scenes!

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What we'll do

Atomic-Bomb Dome! World Cultural Heritage Site. We know, but..........
It had been abandoned for decades after WWII. Why?
It had faced the risk of being destroyed. Who saved it? How?
I have the answers and the stories of people behind the scenes
on top of the basic information of the Atomic-Bomb Dome.
Full of photos and videos, you can feel as if you were here with me!
(You can see me in the forth photo.)


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  1. 1
    Peace Memorial Museum

    Quick outside view of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

  2. 2
    Atomic Bomb Dome

    Seeing the Atomic Bomb Dome carefully with a lot of videos and photos.

  3. 3
    One additional place to stop by

    Please looking forward to it


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