【Teaser Trip】Cute, Beautiful, Delicious Japan! with Souvenir Ideas

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What we'll do

If you are interested in learning about the traditional Japanese concepts of cute (kawaii), beautiful (kirei), and delicious (oishii), and want to see traditional Japanese crafts (and maybe keep one for yourself!), this tour will be perfect for you.
In this tour, "Cute, Beautiful, Delicious Japan", I will first take you through a brief overview of Japan's nature and religion - including why rice is important for us. We will then head out and I will show you the many cute, beautiful and delicious aspects of the traditional Japan. As a part of our tour of "traditional Japan", I will also show you some traditional Japanese craft items which can make great souvenirs for you. The tour is conducted using photos, videos and some interesting quizzes.
Although our traditional mindsets have changed in the course of Japan's modernization especially after World War II, they are still imbedded deeply at the bottom of our hearts.
This tour is good for the first time visitors to Japan to learn a good overview of the country. This is also good for the frequent travelers to Japan who, however, could not have enough time to think about what is behind the spirits of Japanese. You will find something new about Japan.


Jul 23 2021

I really enjoyed the tour.
It was informative and helped me better understand Japan and Japanese culture.
I recommend his tour to everybody who plans to visit Japan or who is interested in the country.

Jul 23 2021

He gives us a wide range of knowledge about Japan. I could get a lot of information, some of which is really new to me. This tour would be good for people who really want to know the country.

Jul 25 2021

I really enjoyed this informative, fun and interactive tour.
Hideo-san gave us a lot of useful information about Japanese cultures.
The introduction to food and souvenirs in Japan was also valuable.
This tour is highly recommended!
Thank you very much for a wonderful tour!


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Best for enjoying Japan
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  1. 1
    Japanese Nature, Religion and Rice - What is behind the Spirits of Japanese

    Japan is a country of green mountains, clean water rivers and the serene sea. Japanese were impressed with the nature and came to believe the deities reside in the nature. Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto, was born to worship the nature. Worshiping the deities was especially important when we wished for a good harvest of rice which has been the staple food for Japanese for more than 2000 years.
    Japan's nature, Shinto religion and the rice.... I will explain these with photos and interesting quizzes. You will find what is behind the spirits of Japanese which is sometimes difficult to observe in this modern Japan.

  2. 2
    Cute and Beautiful Japan

    Cute Japan starts with "Guardian Lion Dog" statues. They are placed in front of the main hall of Shinto Shrine to scare off evil spirits. While they look scary, I find they are cute, too. Please find out whether you think they are scary or cute. I will also explain some other mythical creatures of Japan.
    Beautiful Japan is full of pictures of famous view points such as cherry blossoms, Mr. Fuji, traditional buildings, and ..... rice field. Why rice field? You will find some interesting trivia relating to beautiful places.

  3. 3
    Souvenir ideas from Traditional Japanese Craft Items

    As a spin off of "Beautiful Japan", I will introduce a few shops handling traditional Japanese craft items. They specialize in folding screens, Ukiyoe woodblock prints, cloisonne potteries, folding fans & round fans, or tenugui, Japanese style design towels. I will share photos and videos of those items. Those shops have English website and some may deliver the products to certain foreign countries, although the international delivery is more difficult now due to COVID-19. Please note that I am not in the position to promote the sales or support your purchase of the product. You need to contact the shop and arrange the purchase directly, if you are interested in the product.

  4. 4
    Delicious Japan

    Traditional Japanese cuisine, "Washoku", was designated as World Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. I will explain a traditional Japanese cuisine as well as casual food or "B rated gourmet" which is inexpensive but very tasty. We finish with Japanese style curry and rice. Yes, as Japanese, I finish with the rice.


Passionate traveler around Japan and love Japanese history, culture and tradition with a good business experience working in US and working for Australian company

I am a passionate traveler of Japan and love Japanese history, culture and tradition. I like train traveling, dining at various kinds of restaurants, strolling around towns. I spent 4 years of my university days in Kyoto, which made me a great fan of the old city. Currently I live in Tokyo after spending 12 years working in US. I work for the Japanese office of Australian company in addition to be a licensed guide interpreter. Thus I am a two-way player and both job involves the hospitality and yes I love entertaining people. I am good at explaining Japanese economy and business environment. While I enjoy entertaining people just looking for fun, I have an experience of taking care of business travelers visiting Japan for business negotiation. Personally I play tennis and love watching sports. I really admire sports players who bring us the excitement. If any aspect of me appeals to you, I will be your perfect guide! I am very looking forward to guiding you as a Government Licensed Guide Interpreter.

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