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Water Throwing Festival is one of the three major festivals in Tokyo.
Its formal name is Tomigaoka Hachimangu Shrine Festival. It is held on August 15th in mid-summer.
In the morning, the fifty-three portable shrines start their procession from Tomigaoka Hachiman Shrine. Each portable Shrine carries the spirit of the deity and goes around the neighborhoods that worship the shrine. They travel about 8km and come back to the Shrine in the evening. One portable Shrine needs at least 200 people who bear it on their shoulders. The town of Fukagawa is filled with tremendous carriers and spectators every year. During the procession, the neighbors and spectators squirt water at the portable shrines and carriers for purification. As a result, not only carriers but also spectators get soaking wet!
Let’s enjoy the festival and cool you down!


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  1. 1
    53 protable carrier travels 8 km

    In the morning, the fifty-three portable shrines start their procession from Tomigaoka Hachiman Shrine. Each portable Shrine carries the spirit of the deity and goes back to their home district, respectively. They travel about 8km and come back to the Shrine in the evening. One portable Shrine needs at least 200 people to move around thus the town of Fukagawa is filled with tremendous carriers and spec.

  2. 2
    Spectators can join the festival by throwing water.

    Water Trowing Festival is another name of this festival. The spectators can join it by throwing much water to the portable Shrins for purification and carriers to cool them down.

  3. 3
    More information and the history of Fukagawa

    Downtown Fukagawa had been developed as the center of Maritime transportation and thrived with the timber business. I introduce these days while looking at Ukiyo-e. The Tomigaoka Hchimangu Shrine also has a solid relation to Sumo Wrestling. Therefore, I am going to introduce the Sumo stables also.


Customer Reviews


Thank you very much, Nanako-san! I really enjoyed the tour. I had very gorgeous , wonderful time . Through 30 min. I could learn wide range of Japanese culture such as festival, history, UKIYOE, GEISHA, SUMO, and so on. Her English was clear and beautiful and very charming in her coool YUKATA.
I would like to see and join MIZUKAKE Festival and try curry -pan.


Nanako-san is a very enthusiastic guide. We fully enjoyed the culture around the Fukagawa area. All the pictures in her slides were beautiful and spectacular! We can feel the lively atmosphere of the festival with Nanako-san's powerful narrative.
I also like the story of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine and the beautiful scenery of Kiyosumi Garden.


It is what I want to experience in Japan. The Japanese festival is fantastic! And I think she introduced the nicest one for us. The history of the area was also impressive. Thank you!


Nanako is a cheerful and enthusiastic guide who is a big fan of her birthplace, Fukagawa. She was well prepared and provided a lot of information along with many great pictures. Especially the ones at the Fukagawa Water Throwing Festival were awesome! I learned from her that Fukagawa is the birthplace of curry bread. I want to get it a try in Fukugawa! Thanks for a happy and tasty tour, Nanako.


This is very interesting session. She told me a lot about that festival with lots of nice pictures, Ukiyoe-pictures、Sumo cloth and interesting curry food. I enjoyed very much.
Thank you.




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