【Teaser Trip】Kobe(Hyogo) / "What a wonderful Kobe" Online Tour!   

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About 1 hours
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What we'll do

As a local guide, this is a virtual tour that introduces recommended ways to enjoy Kobe by using Google Earth.
In this tour, we will stop at following spots;
・Museums: Takenaka Carpentry tools museum, Kobe Maritime Museum, Kiku-masamune Sake brewery museum.
・Sightseeing Spots: Meriken Park, Mt. Rokko, Ijinkan-gai, Chinatown.
・Attractions: Herb garden, Kobe cruise, etc.
It also includes my favorite places: a Coffee shop, a Kobe beef Restaurant, a Pearl shop, and Jazz bar.
At the jazz bar, you will go inside the bar and enjoy a song exclusively sung for this tour!
Why don't we enjoy the Kobe virtual tour together?

・Comments from the monitor tour participants
★★★★★ Wow! I didn’t know that Kobe is such a wonderful place. Can’t wait to visit it. Thank you Emi.
★★★★★ Enjoy a fun day with Emi in one of the most exotic cities in Japan. You cannot go wrong!
★★★★★ I would like to say, "you arevery lucky to find this site." Highly recommended tour. Emi, a charming guide living in Kobe, will invite you to miraculous fascinating tour. You should Not miss the chance!


Sep 22 2021

Emi-san is an elegant "Kobe Madam." She invited us to many beautiful places in Kobe as a local guide. I liked the attractive tone of her voice. She explained to us about the charms of Kobe in her fluent English. I would like to visit her beloved city some day.
Thank you so much, Emi-san!

Sep 14 2021

This is a very good tour to understand and enjoy Kobe. I knew Kobe to a certain extent. However, I learned a lot about Kobe which were new to me. The presentation is very well organized and skill is high. Communication is smooth. Frankly speaking, I was not expecting much from the city of Kobe from the tourist's perspectives, but I came to think that I would like to visit the city. Thank you!

Sep 10 2021

What a wonderful tour it is!
I could find many places I want to visit next time I go there.
Thank you so much, Emi san,

Aug 31 2021


Aug 21 2021

The tour was very interesing and wonderful. The tour is recommendable for other tourists who are plannning to come to Kansai area.

Aug 15 2021

Emi,thank you for a wonderful online tour of Kobe. Sceneries used in the presentation were so beautiful and the contents were well organized ranging from the history to local shops. I think Kobe,which has different appeals from Osaka and Kyoko,will be a more popular destination among the visitors from abroad after this pandemic.

Aug 11 2021

The tour was awesome! Emi showed us a wide variety of attractions of Kobe. The jazz session that was prepared at the end of the Kobe tour made me feel like drinking bourbon. "What a wonderful world!" Thank you Emi. A big hug.


Price per person (tax included)
1,100 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 20 people
Hosted in English
Communication tools
Please download Zoom in advance.
Best for enjoying Japan
Things you need to know before the tour

・The teaser trips will be held using Zoom meetings.
・Personal computers and smartphones can be used to participate, but when using a smartphone, please be sure to download the Zoom application in advance.
・The URL for the teaser trip will be sent to the email address you used to register no later than one hour before the start time.
・The meeting room will open to participants five minutes before the start of the teaser trip.
・Participants may join the teaser trip even if the start time has passed. However, please note that we will not be able to receive or respond to messages after the trip begins.
・Please make sure that your microphone is off and your camera is on during the teaser trip.
・Depending on the internet connection on the day of the teaser trip, there may be issues with the sound or video. We ask for your patience and understanding.
・Any internet or data fees incurred by participation in the teaser trips are the sole responsibility of the participant.
・In order to avoid any mishaps or trouble, the teaser trips may be recorded.
・The company and the WOW U mediators (guides) will not be responsible for any malfunctions of participants’ computers, smartphones, or tablets that may occur during the teaser trips.
・Reservations cannot be canceled after payments have been made. Please double check your reservation before finalizing your purchase.


  1. 1
    A new type of virtual tour using Google Earth!

    Enjoy Kobe from the sky, from the mountains, from the ground, using Google Earth. In this tour, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kobe.

  2. 2
    Museums are also recommended places

    This virtual tour will introduce you to three different museums. Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kobe Maritime Museum, Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum. Here are some good places to enjoy Japanese culture.

  3. 3
    We will stop by shops and spots loved by the locals

    Here are some places that are popular with people in Kobe. Enjoy this virtual tour as if you were in Kobe while staying at home.


Kobe Madam, professional Guide  

Hello! This is Emi, a national interpreter guide. I live in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture. Kobe is famous as a very beautiful port city, but it is also a place where you can enjoy the architecture of world-famous Japanese architects; Tadao Ando and Hiroshi Sanbuichi. The water in Kobe is very delicious, and the sweets, food, and coffee are also very delicious. With this delicious water and sake rice from Hyogo, it is also famous as the production center of Nada's sake, which boasts the highest sales in Japan. There are many sake breweries in Nada Gogo, where you can learn how to make them and enjoy comparing various types of sake. And the richness of food represented by Kobe beef comes from the rich nature of Hyogo prefecture. There are many hot springs that are good for your health, and you can enjoy the richness of Japanese nature by visiting to Kobe and Hyogo! I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

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