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Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine located in Sumiyoshi ward in Osaka city is one of Japan’s oldest shrines and headquarter of two thousand Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. The shrine is called “Sumiyoshi-san” by Osaka residents and is famous for the great number of worshippers paying their first visit on New Year’s Day.
The shrine is famous for its unique drum-shaped bridge and square-shaped pillars of the gate.
It was founded in the third century by Empress Jingu after she made a successful travel overseas.
She made a return visit here and enshrined three different brother deities. Later she was enshrined too.
So many people have paid their visits to wish for their safe voyage, success in business, safe baby delivery and healthy life.
As an Osakan I will introduce my favorite shrine "Sumiyoshi-san" now.
Full of fun, and full of power during the visit.
Waiting for your joining my tour!


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  1. 1
    Unique street car to get to the Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine

    I usually recommend to use this unique street car to arrive at the shrine.
    The train started its operation 110 years ago.
    The driver of the car rings the traditional bell to tell other vehicles and pedestrians.
    My daughters and me used the train to commute to schools.
    I will introduce funny and interesting stories around the car.

  2. 2
    Unique Drum Bridge

    There is a unique drum shaped bridge at the entrance contributed by the first owner of Osaka Castle, HIDEYOSHI TOYOTOMI.
    Why it is shaped like that?
    I will tell you the reason and my own episode about the bridge.

  3. 3
    A unique place full of cats in different pose and size.

    Do you like cats? There is a unique place full of cats in different pose and size.
    What are they? The answer will be shown in the tour.

  4. 4
    Other interesting and fun attractions in Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine

    In addition to the beautiful and authentic buildings shown in the tour, unique attractions in and near the compound will be introduced to you by Sachiko, local guide and resident near the spot.
    Finally I will say good-by in a special space craft.
    Can you imagine what it is!
    Joining my tour will be your special experience!


Customer Reviews


I was really satisfied with this tour.
Under COVID-19, it is difficult to take a real trip, so it was refreshing. I sometimes guide guests from foreign countries, so this tour gave me insights for entertaining guests with hospitality. Thank you so much. If I have a chance, I’d like to try another tour.


I had no idea about Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine. Sachiko-san gave us interesting stories about the shrine in a friendly manner. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour, Sachiko-san.




Osaka Lover,

My most precious memory was when a tour group member was brought to tears by the view, exclaiming that Japan had such beautiful landscapes. Until that point, I had taken the views for granted but when she said that, it changed my life and I could experience the beauty of Japan with others. And I want to share that with you! Being from Osaka, I have been a guide for 12 years. My passion in life is sharing my knowledge of Japan and give people a meaningful experience. I handle private or group tours in Kansai or long tours covering from Kyoto to Tokyo (Hiroshima, Himeji, Kobe, Osaka, Mt.Koya, Nara, Sirakawago, Kanazawa, Takayama, Nakasendo, Mt.Fuji, Tokyo etc.).; bus group tours of up to 40 people or walking tours up to 20 people from various countries. My private tour includes unbeaten tracks, sometimes introducing them the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese calligraphy and picture drawing. I love experiencing the same views over and over again, yet having a new experiencing every time! And on top of that, the communication with local people! I also work as a guide for JICA trainees from all over the world. My motto as a tour guide is to share the true pleasure of tours and treasure the moment together.

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