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Hello I am Nobuko, a Government-Licensed Tour Guide. After a long carrier of travel agency, I have been a tour guide for six years since 2015.  I am a shrine, temple and golf lover. All my former clients asked me the same questions; Why is Japan so clean?"" and why are they so kind?"" You will get the answer through my tour.
If you are in a terrible trouble or tremendous stress, what would you do? For the Japanese, we will ask for help to Kami (Deity of Shinto), even though we don't know which kami we will pray for. Isn't it strange? A Japanese proverb says: ""Man turns to the deity only in times of trouble."" Is it strange?

For my past guide career, I've rediscovered Japan’s beautiful nature, history, traditional culture and arts etc. But I found the most mysterious rediscovery is our Shinto belief, especially the ceremonies of which have been shrouded in mystery. Unbelievably, for more than thousands of years, the Japanese Myth has been strongly connected to the history and present Shinto ceremonies and the Imperial family. This tour unveils the secrets of Shinto.
The highlight is that you can experience a special prayer by a head priest at a local shrine of Mamushigaike Hachimangu. Although being the prohibited filming area of the inner sanctuary normally, not only for watching the ritual ceremony, but also you can experience the authentic prayer for you; ""the safety of the family, and victory""
See you in the tour!


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  1. 1
    The Mystery of Japan and Japanese

    What is Shinto? Is this really a religion?

  2. 2
    Unique stories of the Japanese Myth

    It has been connected to the Japanese history, present Shinto rituals and the Japanese mind. If you know the stories, you would be more Japanese than the Japanese.

  3. 3
    Let' go to a shrine and look for the secrets of the Myth

    In the video and the pictures, you can see the shrines of the precints and unique itmes related Myth and rituals.

  4. 4
    Let's pray for your victory and experience the misterious world.

    The highlight of this tour; you can watch the special prayer "gokito" conducted by a head priest, (normally unauthorized to filming inside area of the main hall) "Norito" or words by the priest to Kami are chanted for safety of the family and victory.


Customer Reviews


I truly had an enjoyable time joining your wonderful virtual tour! The well-organized presentation with the cute-looking drawings you did is just superb. I’m really impressed with your great knowledge about Shintoism. You made me realize that how deeply Shintoism is rooted in our lives. Thank you very much, Nobuko!! This virtual tour is highly recommended.


This tour provides value-added special feelings, because Nobu got an approval to make a video of actual prayers given by Shinto priest. I also liked her hand-drawn information which explains essence of Shinto world. Japan truly has a mystery of coexistence of Shinto and Buddhism. This tour would be a very helpful guidance in this aspect.


Nobuko-san is a fluent English speaker. She is very knowledgeable about Shintoism. Her explanation was so educative.


I really enjoyed Nobuko's tour. It was awesome!
She explained well about Shinto in an easy way using her hand-drawings of Japanese myths.
It was also interesting to listen to Shinto priest's payer with her English translation.
The tour was so informative and her English was very easy to listen to.
Thank you Nobuko!


Tour guide Nobuko first gave us basic information about Shintoism - its history, today's situation, difference between Shintoism and Buddhism, etc., so that we could understand what Shintoism meant for the Japanese. She told us interesting stories from Japanese myths using presentation files and illustrations of her own.
The video she took in a Shinto shrine was so special! After enjoying a little travel through the precincts of the shrine, we viewed 'Norito' or a Shinto prayer recited by a priest for the sake of a client. She explained the prayer words, interior of the prayer hall and the way they worship the god.
It was a great opportunity that travelers usually could not experience.


I really enjoyed the tour! Nobu explained us clearly what the indigenous religion of Japan 'Shinto' is like. I think I can now understand a little bit more about Japanese religious life and their thinking way, which is so unique!


Our guide, Nobuko, prepared well for the tour by drawing some nice pictures for explanations and visiting a local Shinto shrine to take a video. She was a good storyteller, and her English was clear, gentle, and convincing. After she told several famous anecdotes from Japanese myth, the highlight was to experience the Shinto ritual, including Norito prayers performed by a Shinto priest, which was interesting and informative. I really enjoyed this tour. Thank you very much, Nobuko.


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