【Teaser Trip】Wakayama/Kumano Kodo ,Highlight of Nakahechi route

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Koyasan and Kumano Kodo were registered as World Heritage Cultural site in 2004. Nakahechi route of Kumano Kodo pilgrimage network begins in Tanabe on the west cost and traverses the Kii peninsula east towards Kumano Hongu Taisha. Nakahechi is a diverse mountain route with a mixture of unpaved, uneven trails, ancient cobblestones and stairs, and paved roads through villages. You can enjoy the mystic and beautiful view on the way. Kumano Sankei road, the pilgrimage route which was most used for the pilgrimage from Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan to Kumano Sanzan (three great Shrines). Originally, each of the three Shinto shrines had its own distinctive form of nature worship; however, under the influence of the Shinto-Buddhism fusion, which is a combination of two, and the Shugen sect of ascetic Buddhism. Pilgrimage to Kumano started in the early 10th century and continued with enthusiasm until the 15th century. Many people in and out of Japan started to visit this area after it was registered as World Heritage site. In this chaotic era, let's meet the deity of Kumano who will wrap you up regardless of whether you are pure, male or female, or your status. You can be a "Dual Pilgrim", if you have completed both Kumano Kodo and Way of St. James (CAMINO DE SANTIAGO). I will present you both nature landscape and history by power point and beautiful pictures. Please find out tips how to walk on Kumano Kodo and know history behind it before you actually walk through Nakahechi, Kumano Kodo.


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    Nakahechi/from Takigiri Oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha

    Starting Takijiri Oji, entrance of Nakahechi and passing through Takahara settlement, Gyuba-doji, Chikatsuyu village, Tsugizakura Oji, Kobiro pass, you will reach Hossinmon (Gate of Awakening Religious Faith) which is one of five important places to worship and rest. You can finally reach Kumano Hongu Taisha, a goal , you can find some cute Jizo statues, old pavement covered by cedar trees and some beautiful plants. Routes have mystic atmosphere by tracing ancient roads where aristocrats, retired emperors, Samurai and ordinary people.


Customer Reviews


Yoshirin is very informative and has deep knowledge in Kumanoko-do. She loves and respect nature. It would be so fun to have her as a guide when I visit Kumanoko-do. Thank you, Yoshirin.


Very interesting trip with good information of Kumano Kodo. Many beautiful photos and good tips. Highly recommended trip for those charmed with traditional Japan!


Kumano Kodo lover

I am a National licensed guide with 13 years experience as a guide (FIT/Group/Incentive). I do guide mainly in Western Japan such as Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe/Nara/Wakayama/Hiroshima/, but sometimes I do cover Eastern Japan such as Takayama/Tokyo/Hakone. I like outdoor hiking, especially I devoted myself to explore Kumano Kodo area in Wakayama. Kumano Kodo is believed to be No.1 destination which overseas travelers would like to visit after pandemic period. I have prepared power point & pictures to make you know about Kumano Kodo.

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