Journey Through Time: An Exclusive Tour of Yosa Musume, Kyoto's Heritage Sake Brewery

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79,200 JPY - / person
About 8 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

Discover the art of sake brewing in an intimate and authentic setting at Yosa Musume, a family-run sake brewery founded in 1887 in Yosano Town, Kyoto Prefecture. This exclusive tour offers a rare glimpse into the traditional methods and family heritage that have shaped sake brewing for generations.

Meeting Place

Access to Yosa Musume Sake Brewery is a drive of 128 km from Kyoto Station and 132 km from Osaka Station. The meeting location will be subject to discussion, but there are a few options to consider, such as departing from your hotel using the car you've arranged or starting from a nearby car rental agency. Advance consultation with me will be necessary.


Price per person (tax included)
79,200 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 9 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

- The tour is available only during the peak sake brewing seasons, from late November to early December and mid-February, highlighting the unique opportunity to witness the brewing process at its most active.
- As Yosa Musume is a family-operated brewery, not primarily oriented towards tourism, advance bookings are essential. Please ensure to reserve your spot at least one week prior to your planned visit to experience this unique cultural and historical journey.
- Access to Yosano Town requires a car. Please arrange for a private car service on your own.
- This will be a tour with a long travel distance and duration. Please plan for approximately 5 hours for the round trip. The stay at Yosa Musume Sake Brewery is expected to be around 1 to 2 hours.


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    Yosa Musume Sake Brewery

    Located in the serene Yosano Town of Kyoto Prefecture, Yosa Musume Sake Brewery stands as a testament to Japan's rich sake brewing heritage. Established in 1887, this family-operated brewery has been meticulously crafting sake for over a century, preserving traditional techniques passed down through generations. Yosa Musume is renowned for its dedication to quality and authenticity, producing sake that captures the essence of Kyoto's local flavors and culture. The brewery is not primarily focused on tourism, making it a unique destination for those seeking an authentic glimpse into the world of traditional sake brewing. Visitors can expect a personalized and intimate experience, delving into the history, process, and artistry behind some of Japan's finest sake.


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79,200 JPY - / person