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Oct 24 2019
Mar 02 2020

ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO is a resort hotel whose mission is to promote customer satisfaction, especially focusing on satisfying individual customers' needs. Today, two members of the sales department guided us through the charms of ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO and told us a bit more about the things they like the most of Nagano.

A UFO Landing Area? Some Of The Best Spots In Nagano Selected By Two Representatives From ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO

(from the left)
Ichiro Sasaki: Sales Department
Takehito Iba: Sales Department

- Please tell us about the things you like the most of Nagano.

Sasaki: Nagano is an island prefecture, so there is no direct access to the sea. However, it is surrounded by mountains. Formerly known as "Shinano No Kuni", it used to be surrounded by 10 different provinces. These helped the prefecture in developing a varied cuisine, which is especially famous for Soba noodles. Nagano's location and weather is also very appealing, as they make it possible to experience the distinctive traits of the four seasons.

Iba: Everybody pictures Nagano's winter as very cold, but there are many events where one can warm up their body and soul. For instance, you can have lunch in the igloos at the Kamakura festival in Iiyama, or try and spot the snow monkeys while they are taking a bath in the snow. Another experience I recommend is visiting the Zenkoji Temple lights festival in January and February. It has been taking place since the year after the Nagano Winter Olympics, and on this occasion lanterns line up on the main road in front of the temple illuminating the whole area and making for really beautiful scenery.

Jigokudani Monkey Park Nagano
Zenkoji Temple Nagano

- There are indeed many famous tourist spots in Nagano. But what about your personal favorites?

togakushi shrine

Togakushi Jinja Shrine

Iba: I liked Togakushi Jinja Shrine a lot. I was surprised by the amount of visitors. I have heard that it has been used as a filming location, too. Togakushi Shrine consists of five shrines situated at the base of the sacred Mt.Tokagushi : Okusha, Chusha, Hokosha, Kuzuryusha, and Hinomikosha. On the way to Okusha Shrine I thought to myself as I made my way through the atmospheric path “I have to walk through this amazing place to get there?” realizing why this place is counted as one of Japan’s most impressive power spots. If you come to Nagano, you should definitely try and visit them all.

Togakushi Jinja Shrine Nagano

Sasaki: My favorite is a temple called Seisuiji. It is famous for its autumn leaves scenery and it has been used as a filming location. The mountain path that leads to it has been made into a staircase, and it really feels as if one were travelling through time. I think it is a hidden gem.

sasaki iba

Iba: I would love to find some hidden gem, too. I am sure that with so much nature, there are many wonderful spots.

Sasaki: Right behind our hotel here is a trapezoidal mountain called Minakamiyama, which is said to be a pyramid built in ancient times. It is quite famous among people interested in mysteries and conspiracies, and some people think that it might be a UFO landing site (chuckles). It is a popular place among people in the know.

The Main Features At Daiwa Royal Hotel

daiwa royal hotel nagano

- What are the your main features at Daiwa Royal Hotel?

Iba: One of our strong points is that we have developed hotels in 28 locations nationwide, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Since we are located in a resort area, I think that whether it's one night or a longer stay, you can make sure you'll be able to rest and relax comfortably. Daiwa Royal Hotels all around the country are surrounded by magnificent nature: be it the sea, the mountains, rivers and lakes, you can always enjoy some kind of outdoor activities. Each hotel also has its own large public bath, which makes for a very characteristic experience.
Our range of services also includes catering, the organization of meetings and parties, karaoke, and access to sports facilities.

- What is the most important thing here at ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO when serving customers?

Iba: Well, we stick to the idea of “common practice” and just doing what needs to be done in order to satisfy our customers. What makes our perspective unique is that we do not just aim at customer satisfaction but at "individual" customer satisfaction.

- Sounds wonderful! Is there anything in particular you want your staff to do when assisting customers? Anything you want them to keep in mind?

Iba: We certainly want our customers to be able to leave with a smile, and we do our best to transmit our customers passion and excitement through our work. But more importantly, we try to encourage our staff members to think and act on their own when serving our customers.

Representatives From ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO Introduce Us To The Features Of The Hotel

sasaki iba

- Could you tell us a bit more about ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO?

Sasaki: It is conveniently located, about 2 minutes by car from Nagano IC, and very easy to access. There is a free pick-up bus that leaves regularly from Nagano Station, too.
What's more, it is about 2 and a half hours from Niigata Prefecture, either by car or bullet train, and customers planning to visit the Summer Nagaoka Fireworks Festival in Niigata Prefecture also often use our hotel.

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

- I have heard that being located so centrally in Nagano Prefecture makes reaching many different sightseeing areas really easy, is that so?

Sasaki: That is true, and transportation is pretty convenient, too. One can reach Zenkoji Temple and Nagano Station in about 30 minutes by car, while the Togakushi area is at a 70 minutes drive from here. There are many sightseeing spots in Matsushiro Town, too: Matsushiro Castle, the Sanada Residence, and Zozan Shrine just to name a few. It is a recommended starting point for sightseeing in Shinshu, for anybody who wants to enjoy Nagano Prefecture thoroughly and for those who are still wondering where to go as well. It is also fun to stroll through the remains of the old town while enjoying the scenery.

- What kind of customers are you serving the most right now?

Iba: We serve very varied customers. We have families, middle-aged and older people, sports teams, students on their school trips and training camps. All our meeting rooms and facilities are on the second floor, so there is no need for our guests to move to other floors.

Sasaki: I think our hotel can accommodate the largest number of guests in the whole Nagano Prefecture. Our rooms are set up are all a minimum size of 36 square meters equipped with semi-double beds, so guests of a larger stature can also have a comfortable stay. We also have two foreign staff members, from Thailand and Hungary, so we can take care of you and your needs in multiple languages English, too.

- Spending a night here I actually noticed a great care towards details. The bedroom windows are large and present the guests with a nice view, there is a welcome flower waiting on every bed, and a small handbag you can use to take your body care products to the public bath area.

Sasaki: In the lobby there is a kids' corner for our younger guests, too. In addition, we do our best to organize our displays in such a way that customers can feel a sense of the season, just like we are doing now with the ornamental armor and the Tanabata decorations.

- Is there anything new you would like to try out?

Iba: It would be nice if we could let our guests try making soba or rolled sushi here at the hotel. There are places outside where you can experience these kinds of activities, but I think it would be easier for travelers with limited time on their hands to do it here at the hotel with an all-inclusive formula. We are talking about food, so requirements and regulations are quite strict, but we would like to work towards this goal nonetheless.

Come And Taste The Variety Of Our Local Cuisine While Enjoying Nagano's Ever Changing Landscape!

Open-air Bath

Open-air Bath

Sasaki: We offer buffet-style meals, with both Japanese and Western dishes. We restyled our menu in April and always try to focus on Shinshu cuisine. Some of the local recipes we usually serve are Matsumoto's Sanzokuyaki, Komagane's Sauce Katsu, and Shinshu-Shinmachi's Genghis Khan (Mongolian mutton barbeque).
All our standard rooms are twin rooms, but they can accommodate up to 3 people where necessary. We also offer 4 people Japanese-style rooms, and bigger ones that can accommodate a larger number of guests, too. Our rooms also have a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. The sunset view of the northern Alps on a clear day is an absolutely wonderful sight. In spring you can see cherry and apricot blossoms; in summer you can enjoy the bright green mountains; autumn will surprise you with its colorful leaves; and in winter the landscape will be covered by a blanket of snow. There is a fireworks festival in the fall, and some of our rooms have a great view of it, too.

Next year we are going to host the Olympic Games in Japan, and in 2021 the Maedachi Honzon statue will be displayed to the public at Zenkoji Temple, an event carried out only once every 7 years. I really hope everyone will come and visit us in April and May.

Daiwa Royal Hotel Nagano Nagano



Public Bath

Royal Sweet Room

Guest Room

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Nagano Nagano

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