In the Tours section, we will detail the contents of tours offered.

What kind of trips do you enjoy? Do you want to interact with local people at your own pace without any particular plans? Or would you rather make a detailed schedule and go to as many famous sightseeing spots as possible? Do you want a guide, or no?

Each has its merits. Traveling alone, you can take your time and truly feel the place with all of your senses, while traveling with close friends or family can help you make new memories with your loved ones. A trip with a guide can be full of discoveries and knowledge you wouldn’t have been able to find by yourself.

Here, we will introduce how to travel around Japan from a realistic perspective, including places the WOW U editorial staff have experienced for themselves, routes recommended by guides and mediators, and spots recommended by locals in each region. Read on for firsthand information and find a place that resonates with you.

Mar 11 2022