Ohori Park, the place that takes you to an adventure of nature, culture, and history

Aug 05 2020
Aug 11 2020

Ohori Park is a well-known traditional park, located in the heart of Fukuoka city. Ohori Park is a wonderful place to enjoy diverse kinds of entertainments such as colourful nature, rich history, and traditional Japanese culture. Moreover, it's a perfect place to spend a quiet leisure time.

Experience an unique adventures at Ohori Park

Ohori Park

Ohori Park is the must-visit spot if you visit Fukuoka prefecture. Located at the heart of the Fukuoka city, the park offers various kind of amusements. Also, this is a perfect place to enjoy nature, history, and culture of Japan all at once. While you are visiting the Ohori Park, you will notice there is a big pond with a circumference over 2km located in the central area of the park. This pond has a beautiful view which makes it a lovely place to relax and spend a quiet time. Many people would stroll around this pond for leisure or exercise around the pond. In each season, you will be able to enjoy different kind of flowers such as sunflowers, tulips, coはsmos and many more to feel the uniqueness of each season. Walking around the pond, you will find a hexagonal-shaped vermillion pavilion extending out from its island into the pond which is very picturesque spot to share with your friends and families. If you are a fan of traditional art and culture, Fukuoka Art Museum that is just located at the southeast corner of the pond should be on your list.(Fukuoka Art Museum is currently closed until Mar 2019 for constructions and renovations)

Ohori Park

Nearby the Fukuoka Art Museum, you will come across the beautiful yet traditional Ohori Park Japanese Garden. Although the garden charges a small entrance fee, you will be delighted with wonderful nature and vibrant flowers inside the garden. Exploring the Ohori Park Japanese Garden with traditional landscape and ponds with vibrant Koi fishes, will take you back to time. Furthermore, you can even participate in a Japanese tea ceremony held inside the garden. Ohori Park Japanese Garden is an ultimate place to enjoy enchanting and soul-filling experiences. Across the street from the Japanese Garden is the Gokoku Shrine where you cross a big torii gate to the main shrine building through a spacious yard. So even now, Ohori Park offers traditional and spiritual experiences.

The history behind the Ohori Park

Fukuoka Castle

While visiting Ohori Park, you don't want to miss paying a visit to the Fukuoka Castle Remains which is just next to the park. With a history of more than 400 years, Fukuoka Castle used to be the biggest castle in Kyushu island during the Edo period to support Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan in the Battle of Sekigahara. The Ohori Park did not used to be fun and cheerful place but more of a quiet moat that protected the castle. However, after the Meiji Revolution, the place was completely demolished and now only the leftovers of the castle remain. Even though not much remains from the original castle, this place is preserved as a national historic site by the Japanese government, offering opportunities to learn more about its history and experience how it was back in time.

Enjoy more activities and entertainments at Ohori Park

winter illumination

Throughout the year, various seasonal events are being held at Ohori Park. During the summer, you can enjoy fireworks and in the winter, the park is filled with magical winter illumination. At the pond, you can rent a boat to enjoy the boat ride and explore the Ohori Park. There is so much you can do and enjoy all year around.

How to visit?

From Tokyo to Fukuoka, take a 2-hour plane ride. From the Fukuoka airport, take the kuko line subway to Ohorikoen station which is roughly a 30-minutes train ride. Once you get to the Ohorikoen station, Ohori Park and Fukuoka Castle remains are a just few minutes walks away.

Ohori Koen Park Hakata
Fukuoka Castle Ruins Hakata

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