Cafe Hopper

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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【Tina】Hello, my name is Tina. I was born and raised in Japan, but lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA for a long time. I like to do yoga everyday and find nice cafes with good coffee and sweet treats. I love being a guide, having the opportunity to meet new people and learn from you. I think that I'm a middle person who can connect you with Japanese people, culture and lots more. Japan is a very interesting country where history and modern advancements are both equally embraced, and have developed into a unique setting. Let's find the deep and rich layers of Japan's cultural significance, and enjoy our time together. 【Yuki】Hello, my name is Yuki. I have travelled all over the world, and met a lot of wonderful people. For example, in Myanmar, when I asked people about their traditional makeup, they took me into their home and put makeup on me! When I was walking down a street in Canada, a woman came up to me and said “I like your jacket. Where did you get it?” She spoke to me in such a friendly way that we quickly became friends! Each time I had an experience like this, I became a big fan of those countries. From these experiences, I decided to become a tour guide and show tourists how impressive Japan really is. We will treat you with an incredible sense of hospitality called Omotenashi. Let’s have fun!