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About Mediator
【Tina】Hello, my name is Tina. I was born and raised in Japan, but lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA for a long time. I like to do yoga everyday and find nice cafes with good coffee and sweet treats. I love being a guide, having the opportunity to meet new people and learn from you. I think that I'm a middle person who can connect you with Japanese people, culture and lots more. Japan is a very interesting country where history and modern advancements are both equally embraced, and have developed into a unique setting. Let's find the deep and rich layers of Japan's cultural significance, and enjoy our time together. 【Yuki】Hello, my name is Yuki. I have travelled all over the world, and met a lot of wonderful people. For example, in Myanmar, when I asked people about their traditional makeup, they took me into their home and put makeup on me! When I was walking down a street in Canada, a woman came up to me and said “I like your jacket. Where did you get it?” She spoke to me in such a friendly way that we quickly became friends! Each time I had an experience like this, I became a big fan of those countries. From these experiences, I decided to become a tour guide and show tourists how impressive Japan really is. We will treat you with an incredible sense of hospitality called Omotenashi. Let’s have fun!

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Customer Reviews


The team work of the trio guides were wonderful. I felt as if I were in Odaiba there thanks to the lively atmosphere of the tour which was created by this guide team. They utilized technology and tools very effectively. Also, three guides spoke excellent English!




The tour was conducted in teams and was very successful. One guide, Yuki, was reporting from the site, while another guide, Tina gave quizzes and more detailed explanations to animate their tour. I learned a lot about the highlights of Odaiba and Japanese culture. Thank you for a great tour.


I enjoyed the tour very much.
Their smooth way of talking was very professional and informative.
Some day I would like to join their real tour.


It was really fun! I enjoyed the open atmosphere of Odaiba from the comfort of my own home. The tour included various elements such as quizzes and videos, so I never got bored until the end. At first, I thought Odaiba doesn’t have any Japanese atmosphere, but I realized it does after the tour guide explained Japanese culture. And I thought it was really interesting. You should definitely join the tour! Thank you, Yuki!