【Live tour 】Tokyo/ A Trip through Time in the Futuristic City of Odaiba

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What we'll do

Odaiba is a symbol of the modern world. There are futuristic buildings, a gigantic robot statue, a digital art museum and more. However, did you know that this city also maintains a sense of tradition? We’ll show you all these amazing aspects of Odaiba on this one hour interactive virtual tour. By the end you'll know the ins and outs of one of the world's most fascinating cities. During the tour, we’ll use various tools, including maps, videos and other information. Our tour guide will also broadcast live on site. On this tour, you will see much more than what a normal live stream would cover, in essence, you’ll get a real sense of what it’s like to visit Odaiba


Price per person (tax included)
1,650 JPY - / person
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Up to 10 people
Hosted in English
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Please download Zoom in advance.
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Things you need to know before the tour

【Live Tour】
-The tours will be held using Zoom.
-Personal computers and smartphones can be used to participate, but when using a smartphone,
please be sure to download the Zoom application in advance.
-The URL for the live tour will be sent to the email address you used to register no later than one hour
before the start time.
-The meeting room will open to participants five minutes before the start of the tour.
-Participants may join the tour even if the start time has passed. However, please note that we will not
be able to receive or respond to messages after the tour begins.
-Depending on the internet connection on the day of the tour, there may be issues with the sound or
video. We ask for your patience and understanding.
-Any internet or data fees incurred by participation in the live tours are the sole responsibility of the
-In order to avoid any mishaps or trouble, the live tour may be recorded.
-The company and the WOW U-mediators (guides) will not be responsible for any malfunctions of
participants’ computers, smartphones, or tablets that may occur during the live tours.
-Please note that the contents of the tours may be changed in the case of bad weather.
-Reservations cannot be canceled after payments have been made. Please double check your
reservation before finalizing your purchase.
- On the day of the event, if you can’t log in to the tour due to your internet connection, the tour fee unfortunately cannot be refunded.
-In case of bad weather, we will use pre-recorded video taken within a week from the same spot for the live streaming.


  1. 1
    Rainbow Bridge

    We'll explore crossing the famous bridge.

  2. 2
    West Promenade

    You’ll get a wonderful view of Tokyo Bay, visit a nostalgic shopping street, and experience traditional Japanese culture.

  3. 3
    Center Promenade

    You’ll see a gigantic statue from the beloved Gundam series, see a shop filled with unique Japanese culture, and an amazing digital art museum.

  4. 4
    East Promenade

    You’lll see Tokyo Big Sight and Ariake Colosseum.


Customer Reviews


The team work of the trio guides were wonderful. I felt as if I were in Odaiba there thanks to the lively atmosphere of the tour which was created by this guide team. They utilized technology and tools very effectively. Also, three guides spoke excellent English!




The tour was conducted in teams and was very successful. One guide, Yuki, was reporting from the site, while another guide, Tina gave quizzes and more detailed explanations to animate their tour. I learned a lot about the highlights of Odaiba and Japanese culture. Thank you for a great tour.


It was really fun! I enjoyed the open atmosphere of Odaiba from the comfort of my own home. The tour included various elements such as quizzes and videos, so I never got bored until the end. At first, I thought Odaiba doesn’t have any Japanese atmosphere, but I realized it does after the tour guide explained Japanese culture. And I thought it was really interesting. You should definitely join the tour! Thank you, Yuki!


Cafe Hopper

【Tina】Hello, my name is Tina. I was born and raised in Japan, but lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA for a long time. I like to do yoga everyday and find nice cafes with good coffee and sweet treats. I love being a guide, having the opportunity to meet new people and learn from you. I think that I'm a middle person who can connect you with Japanese people, culture and lots more. Japan is a very interesting country where history and modern advancements are both equally embraced, and have developed into a unique setting. Let's find the deep and rich layers of Japan's cultural significance, and enjoy our time together. 【Yuki】Hello, my name is Yuki. I have travelled all over the world, and met a lot of wonderful people. For example, in Myanmar, when I asked people about their traditional makeup, they took me into their home and put makeup on me! When I was walking down a street in Canada, a woman came up to me and said “I like your jacket. Where did you get it?” She spoke to me in such a friendly way that we quickly became friends! Each time I had an experience like this, I became a big fan of those countries. From these experiences, I decided to become a tour guide and show tourists how impressive Japan really is. We will treat you with an incredible sense of hospitality called Omotenashi. Let’s have fun!

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1,650 JPY - / person