Eco village creater

音楽 自然・景観 アウトドア・スポーツ グルメ 建築 料理 動物 映画
  • エリア: 鹿児島
  • 言語: 日本語 英語


We are creating an eco-village on a ​​2 hectare sized abandoned farming area on Yakushima, which is a World Natural Heritage site. We will provide you with unique experiences, including farming based on permaculture, food forest creation, earthship construction and more. We use a traditional kamado stove for cooking and make preserved food by ourselves. Our toilet is a composting toilet and we never use soaps for laundry. We hope you accept our life as openly as possible, because we want you to experience a life that does not create any environmental burden. The real attraction of Yakushima are the people who love and live for nature. I hope I can introduce you to the wonderful people around me!