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Hi! I’m Yurika. I’m an undergraduate student majoring media studies. I like walking through a year enjoying a sight of the seasons. In spring, I walk along the river where cherry blossoms are in bloom, and on the free time, I sometime just walk along the road forever. In the winter season, I enjoy walking on the road snowing, thoughI don't like the cold temperatur. In my city, there is a lot of beautiful sceneries. I will guide you to an interesting town in Japan.



Customer Reviews


They were very enthusiastic about introducing the unique scenery and history of the street to us. The old Japanese street Shikemiti has a long history and features preserved buildings and heritage sites. Through this segment, they also touched on the Japanese culture and how it had changed over the years, which is definitely the highlight of the tour. The tour itself was conducted in English, and a translator was present to accurately relay any questions that we may have during the tour. I feel like I have learnt a lot about Japanese culture from this tour, and there were some elements of cultural exchange as we discussed our countries’ differences and similarities.