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About Mediator
Hello, I'm Kouhei, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I am also a Licensed Mountain Hiking Guide and Cycling Guide. I'm originally from Tokyo, but since I love outdoor activities (especially snowboarding,hiking and camping) and want to live in a place surrounded by abundant nature, I moved to here in Nagano 4 years ago. I love traveling,too. Of course visiting the world heritages is always impressive. However,my favorite part during a trip is meeting new people and getting to know the life of locals! I hope I will be able to help you enjoying your trip best and getting to know about Japan more from a bit different angle :) I traveled a lot of places in Japan and eventually decided to settle in Nagano. Nagano prefecture is sometimes described as "a roof of Japan" since most of its part are covered with high mountain range. Because of that, the area gets lots of snow every winter. It makes the place's nature and culture different from other areas in Japan. I want to guide you to super beautiful yet lesser known places! My tours are very flexible, so please let me know your requests for the guided tour. Let's explore the "Hidden Gem" of Japan together :)