Interpreter between nature & people

音楽 お酒 伝統文化 自然・景観 アウトドア・スポーツ 技術(家電・AI・VRなど) 建築 料理 動物 ハンドメイド
  • エリア: 沖縄
  • 言語: 日本語 英語


Hi, I'm YUKA! I live on a small island called ISHIGAKI in OKINAWA. I'm a qualified diving instructor and I've been guiding for over 10 years on this wonderful island as an interpreter between nature and people. I love the beautiful OKINAWAN blue sea and I can guide you almost any diving site. Also, I am qualified as one of Okinawa's official English tour guides and am also a nationally authorized tour conductor. Yaeyama islands have a unique culture, history, languages, and food that differs to the OKINAWA main island and I love all of them just as much as the blue and beautiful sea of corals.