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音楽, 歴史, 伝統文化, 自然・景観, グルメ, 動物, 映画
Ramen, Yakitori, Sushi
UK, Japan
About Mediator
I am a certified instructor of wagashi-making and table-styled Sado and a professional portrait photographer, so currently I can offer you two tours related to my job as below. 【1】 Wagashi-making tour. - I'll show you how to make authentic Japanese sweet called Nerikiri, explaining how it developed to be called as the quintessence of Japanese aesthetics and culture. After that you'll make three seasonal Nerikiris using traditional technique and design (fun part! :)). Sado time will be followed to experience the Japanese way of hospitality enjoying the perfect combination of matcha and nerikiri. 【2】Photography tours. - As a professional photographer I accompany you taking photos, so that you can take out every precious moment of your trip. I don't fix any plans but will be there for you to help as a translator, too. I've been taking a governmental training so I also can be a tour guide in specific areas to make your time more fruitful if requested. (※Kimono is available in both tours. Ask for details if you are interested!) Raised by mom of THE Japanese culture(she is the Master of Sado and Nihon-buyou), I had never been interested in culture of mine or others. But with the experience of studying abroad in the UK, I was shocked to know how unique the Japanese culture is. I talk about mine, so let me hear about yours!! I am really looking forward to seeing you.

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