The last samurai

英語, 日本語
映画, 伝統文化, 漫画・アニメ, 歴史
About Mediator
Hello. My name is Makoto Morita. Please call me MAC. I was born and brought up in Kyoto, and now I live in Takarazuka City in Hyogo Prefecture. I have taught English to Japanese students and Japanese to international students in universities, colleges, and high schools for 30 years. Last year, I became a Kagawa Setouchi Local Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, and I am also studying at Kyoto University’s graduate school majoring in a sightseeing MBA course. I am interested in practicing Japanese martial arts, including shuriken, chambara, and karate. I have three black belts. I want you to take part in real Japanese budo. Good luck!