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Recently, I'm really into exploring lunch places in Kyoto. The top 3 are Fried chicken Oyako don from Toriyasu, Soba from Honke Owari, Cold noodle from Cyuka no Sakai.
NZ, the Netherland and Spain, Japan
About Mediator
Let's explore Japanese culture and traditions as well as have local experiences in Japan together! Hi everyone, I'm Mitsuki. I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. As I am also a big fan of traveling and knowing my own culture and traditions, I have visited 47 prefectures in Japan and visited 25 countries so far. Every time I visit a different place or country, I try to interact with locals and get some local experiences and eventually, the trips become truly valuable for me. I wanted to do the same here in Japan. I have a passion for knowing and spreading everything about Japan like not only culture and traditions but also lifestyle, trends, philosophy, values, and many more! We can do a variety of things such as spending time in Kyoto just as locals do, visiting and experiencing Japanese artisans, and simply enjoying our delicious food during foodie tours:)


  • Created and executed local tour in Mie prefecture

    2019 - 03

    As a part of a local tourism internship, I was in charge of creating content of local experiences for foreigners in an unknown city.
    Even though the city is not famous for tourism at all, there are so many hidden treasures in it.
    We explored the city and learned what they have and organized interesting and educational content. The test tour was successful and all of the participants satisfied with our tour.

  • Tour guides in Kyoto and Osaka

    2019 - 04

    I have done a guided tour mainly in Kyoto and Osaka and welcomed 5 groups in 2019. Even after the tours, We became friends and are still in contact and visit their home countries.

  • G20 Osaka Summit 2019: A student interpreter at Kansai Tourism booth

    2019 - 06

    I was selected as a student interpreter for the G20 Osaka Summit's Kansai Tourism booth.
    It was really fun to engage with people from all over the world. I really enjoyed introducing such as food, traditions and new tech from Kansai region.