Find unforgettable liveshow in Tokyo!

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About Mediator
Hi I'm Hiro from Tokyo, living here over 50years. In Tokyo, There are over 500 livehouses and many kinds of undergrounded artists who gain a lot of views on Youtube. Actually some of them succeeded in gaining a lot of world fans such as Babymetal, Crossfaith,One OK Rock and you can find these artists who are going to make it big. But it's so difficult to meet such different sounds by accident that I'll help you to meet your best music experience you've never seen. Fortunately I have a lot of friends of artists and each fandom in every genre so that I can choose best artists just for you. I take people over 100 times in a year so you'll make many friends of aritits, fandom after the show. If you join this tour, you'll be the one of the member who produced the liveshow. One and only tour , This is J-Rock Tours.