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About Mediator
Hello, I am Toshi, a local tour guide in Tokyo and the surrounding area. Tokyo is an attractive city where new and old things coexist. Let’s explore the heart of Japan and Tokyo together. I was born in Aichi Prefecture (located between Tokyo and Kyoto) and grew up there. I have lived in the Tokyo area for more than 25 years. When I was a child, I was interested in different cultures, so I studied English enthusiastically to communicate with people who have different cultural backgrounds. After I graduated from college, I was in the computer business for about 40 years. I've traveled a lot and visited many countries. When I was in my thirties, I lived in San Francisco, California, for four years. I experienced a great deal of cultural exchange there. After I retired, I acquired the National Tour Guide License, and I have been in the tourism business since 2017. I personally like walking around towns. I sometimes do temple and shrine hopping, and once in a while I visit sake breweries for fun. I also like strolling around the Tsukiji food market, Ryogoku area famous for sumo, and Asakusa and Ueno where we can feel the atmosphere of Tokyo’s past decades. Most of my tours are on foot, simply because it’s the best way to explore inner Tokyo and the surrounding area. We have a very sophisticated transportation system here in Tokyo. We can get almost anywhere using trains, subways, and buses. My tours are planned to teach you about the people, culture, and history of Tokyo and Japan. I aim to provide an informative experience that helps you understand what makes Tokyo, Japan such an attractive place to be and travel to.

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9,900円/人 · 8.0 時間