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300 hundred years old and with a girth of 7.62m, Agariko Daio is the "king" of the forest that dominates all other trees. It is said that the reason it has such a unique shape is that its branches that were continuously harvested for making charcoal from the end of the Edo period until the Showa period, continued to sprout and grow. It is the largest tree in the group of malformed beech trees which are prominent in this region, and has been selected by the Forestry Agency as one of its "Top 100 giants of the forest." Besides Agariko Daio, there are also many other highlights in the surrounding area, such as the very rare "Chokai moss balls" and "Detsubo," which was also selected as one of the "Top 100 well-known drinks of the water of the Heisei period." 
Furthermore, Mount Chokai, where Agariko Daio is located, is famous for its autumn leaves, and you can even enjoy watching autumn leaves at the foot of the mountain, which is called Chokai Kogen. The best times to visit are early summer until fall when you can see the leaves. 
* It is necessary to travel by car to get the area." 

2.0 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Nakajimatai national forest, Yokooka, Kisakata-machi, Nikaho City
Recommended season
August, September, October

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