Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook

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Located on the cape in front of the Samekado Lighthouse, the Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook in Hachinohe City offers a view of the vast Pacific Ocean. During the war, the Imperial Japanese Army used the overlook as a military installation, but it is currently open for public use as an observation deck, and it has become a popular tourist spot in Hachinohe. The cafe located just below the observation deck sells soft serve ice cream that can be counted as one of the three most popular soft serves in Aomori, and gazing out at the majestic scenery while eating the ice cream is an exceptional experience. Additionally, the Tanesashi Kaigan Promenade that stretches over the coast starts at this overlook. Rugosa roses and other seasonal flowers bloom along the path, and the sight of these coupled with the figure of the stone, castle-like observation deck wraps the area in an atmosphere like the scene of a movie. We especially recommend this spot for those who want to spend some relaxing time while enjoying the scenery of Aomori.

0.5 Hours
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Hikagezawa, Samejima-cho, Hachinohe City, Aomori
青森県八戸市鮫町字日蔭沢 葦毛崎展望台

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