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Etchu Yatsuo Base OYATSU is a lodging facility and community space in Yatsuo famous for its Owara Kaze no Bon event. It is a warehouse-style mansion built in 1872, and it was originally used as a wholesale store for silk thread and Japanese paper as well as a residence for silkworm merchants. The building was first used as a cargo collection space for both raw materials and finished products, but over time it was remodeled to become what is currently known as Etchu Yatsuo Base OYATSU.
If you choose to stay overnight at the rental house OYATSU, a concierge will be available to show you around the town of Yatsuo. You'll have the opportunity to meet local people and try decorating with seasonal flowers, as well as casually experience the merchant culture and daily life rooted in Etchu Yatsuo. If you book the entire rental space of OYATSU, you can use it freely for tea parties or musical performances. Eating and drinking is also allowed in the space, and if you use a catering service, you'll be able to taste a number of dishes that use natural, seasonal ingredients such as Toyama's seafood and mountain vegetables.
In addition, there are experience programs where you can take a shamisen class and learn directly from famous local Yatsuo-machi shamisen players or try on a kimono of your choosing and take a walk around town.
"Experiencing living in the four seasons of Etchu Yatsuo" as its concept, Etchu Yatsuo Base OYATSU is the perfect place to interact firsthand with Yatsuo's culture.

*Note: Advance reservations are required for use of the facilities and experience programs. 

0.5 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
2701-1 Yatsuomachikamishinmachi, Toyama City, Toyama
富山県富山市八尾町上新町2701-1 越中八尾ベースOYATSU

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