Botanic Gardens of Toyama

Beautiful Scenery

The Botanic Gardens of Toyama is a comprehensive botanical garden with vast grounds of around 25 hectares. Over 5,000 species of plants native to Japan and overseas have been collected here. No matter the time of year, visitors are sure to encounter exquisite plant life within the park.
The outdoor exhibitions in the park are divided into two sections by a flower promenade. To the north of the promenade lies the World Plant Zone, and to the south is the Japan Plant Zone. The World Plant Zone is a collection of rare plants from around the world, beautiful flowering plants, fragrant plants, and plants deeply rooted in human life. Related to Japanese vegetation and sometimes called the "treasure trove of plants," there is also a unique and interesting collection of plants from the Yunnan Province in China. Also from the Yunnan Province are some uniquely-shaped stones called Sekirin no Ishi, arranged to reproduce the scenery of the original environment.
The Japan Plant Zone is full of vegetation typical of the country and displays plants that grow in the environment. For example, plants characteristically found near the Sea of Japan, such as the snow camellia and October stonecrop, native to Toyama prefecture, can be observed here.
Seasonal rotating exhibits, observation events, and plant information guides are also a popular resource. Cherry blossom viewing (Yoshino tunnel) in spring and royal water lily viewing in summer are also must-see events. With beautiful aspects unique to each of the seasons, this is certainly a spot worth a visit. 

1.0 Hour
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42 Fuchumachi-kamikutsuwada, Toyama, Toyama
富山県富山市婦中町上轡田42 富山県中央植物園
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Business Hours
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 09:00~17:00

*Closed December 28th - January 4th.

Regular Holiday
Admisson Fee
JPY500 / Adult

March to November: JPY 500
December to February: JPY 300

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These plants are oriental herbs which are used for ingredients for Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine was introduced to Japan and was developed in its unique way. The Japanesed Chinese medicine is called Kampou formula(漢方). Before the modernization of Japan in the late 19th century, Chinese medicine was the norm. Pharmaceutical industry of Toyama dates back to more than 300 years ago. These specimens are a reminder for the history of the medicine industry of Toyama since feudal age. Please be noted that these oriental herbs are visible for limited season.


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