Ichinosakagawa River Cherry Blossom Trees

Beautiful Scenery Insta-worthy

Around 200 Yoshino cherry trees line both banks of a 600-meter stretch of the Ichinosakagawa River. The flowers come into full bloom in spring, coloring the area and making it a popular spot to do hanami flower viewing. During the blooming season, the cherry blossoms are illuminated in the evening so passersby can enjoy yozakura night blossoms. There are plenty of cafés and shops in the area as well, so it’s a great place to take a relaxing stroll.

0.5 Hours
Postal code
Ushirogawara Ichinosakagawa River Cherry Blossom Trees, Yamaguchi
山口県山口市後河原 山口市 一の坂川桜並木
Recommended season
March, April

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