Inuyamajo Castle Town

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Inuyamajo Castle Town was developed by the merchants and artisans who lived in the area when Inuyamajo Castle was built. The town has hardly changed since the Edo period, its perimeter surrounded by wicket gates and a moat, and visitors will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the beautifully preserved historical buildings. There are also signboards located in various spots around town with information about the history and origin of the castle and town. During the sightseeing season, young performers take tourists on rickshaw guides through the town streets, which is a particularly interesting experience. There are also cafes and restaurants scattered all over town, and local specialties gengaku and gohei-mochi are a must-try.

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Inuyama, Inuyam City, Aichi
愛知県犬山市犬山北古券12-17 犬山城下町
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