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Ioji Temple is located on top of a hill in a small harbor town called Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is said that this temple was the foundation place for the sect of Shingon Buddhism founded by Kobo Daishi during the Heian period, and the wooden Bhaisajyaguru (Buddha of Healing) statue inside is an Important Cultural Property designated by the prefecture.
Because it is built on high ground, the temple is also famous for its splendid views. The view of Tomocho Town that can be seen beyond the temple bell is particularly picturesque, and it is a popular place to practice photography. In addition to the beautiful views from the temple grounds, visitors can also experience a great sweeping view of Tomocho Town and the Setouchi area from the Taishi Dono that is located partway up the hill.

0.5 Hours
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Postal code
1397 Ushiroji, Tomo-cho Fukuyam City
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January, October, November, December

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