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Mikurigaike Pond, located at an elevation of 2,405 meters, is the most beautiful volcanic lake in Japan's Northern Alps. It is a fairly big lake, with a depth of 15 meters and a circumference of 631 meters. Every year starting in November, the surface of the lake is covered in snow; around May to July, the snow gradually melts, creating a beautiful view of ice floating on the water for visitors to enjoy. From July to October, the deep blue of the water's surface becomes beautifully clear, and the 3,000-meter-tall mountains that stand around the lake are reflected on the surface of the water, allowing visitors to indulge in the beauty of nature. Autumn is particularly popular when the vicinity of Mikurigaike Pond is colored by the changing leaves, and many people visit to see the autumn colors. With a bit of luck, visitors might be able to see a ptarmigan, a protected species of bird that lives hidden inside the Siberian dwarf pine coniferous forest that grows around the pond. Additionally, if the weather conditions are right, the surroundings turn into a beautiful sea of clouds. There is also a walking path set up, so we recommend taking a leisurely stroll.

2.0 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Ashikuraji Bunazaka, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺ブナ坂外11国有林 みくりが池
Recommended season
July, August, September

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