Sugisawa no Sawasugi / Sawasugi Shizenkan Nature Museum

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Selected as one of Japan's 100 Famous Natural Water Sources, Sugisawa no Sawasugi is a collection of plant life growing en masse around a spring in the middle of the Sawasugi forest. At one time, near the coast in the Yoshihara area of Nyusen-machi, the forest called Sawasugi spanned over 40 places and 130 hectares, full of Japanese cedar (sugi) trees. However, due to development projects around 1973, almost all of it was converted into paddy fields. Currently, only 2.67 hectares are preserved.

The only cedar forest in Japan that grows on a flat-area spring, this forest is designated as a national natural monument. The forest itself is outfitted with a boardwalk, so visitors can observe the scenery in comfort. Due to the springs and underground water within the forest, it's warm even in winter, leading to the growth of a variety of plants native to warmer areas. Also, if the Kurobegawa River floods, mountainous vegetation carried down from areas of higher elevation can also be seen. Many varieties of fern as well as vegetation native to warm climates and mountainous regions can all be seen in this area, making it a precious natural phenomenon.

In the Sawasugi Shizenkan Nature Museum, there are models, videos, panel displays, and even an observation room, so visitors can learn about Sawasugi from a variety of perspectives.
A must for lovers of nature, of course, but the forest and museum have many points of interest for the casual sightseer as well. 

Photograph provided by Toyama Tourism Organization

1.5 Hours
Telephone Number
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950 Yoshiwara, Nyuzenmachi, Shimoniikawagun, Toyama
富山県下新川郡入善町吉原950番地 杉沢の沢スギ・沢スギ自然館
Recommended season
April, May, June, July, August, October, November, December
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: 09:00~17:00

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