Tamagawa Onsen (Akita)

Onsen(Hot Springs)
Unrestricted by Weather

Tamagawa Onsen is located inside of Towada-Hachimantai National Park. It's a "touji" inn with a notable history. "Touji" means to recuperate by entering a hot spring bath. Many people come to this secret hot spring, either to experience "touji" or simply for travel purposes. The hot spring gushes out 9000 liters of water per minute, and its monthly output is ranked first in all of Japan. The waters are quite acidic at a ph of 1.2, so bathing in the 100% source water bathtub gives the skin a tingling sensation. There are also many other bathtub areas available, including a 50% source water tub, head soaking tub, lay down tub, cascading stream tub, and a steam area. Around the property are a number of rocky areas with geothermal heat, and a stroll through the area reveals many sources of gushing water. There are also "natural stone saunas" where you can lay down on the naturally heated rocks. There are two options for enjoying this outdoor rocky zone. You can either sleep outside or use a tent shelter (free of charge). The typical method of sleeping on the rocks is to lay down on a mat placed on top of the rocks. A thin blanket over the body also helps to keep in the heat. 
※ Open every year from mid-April to late November 
※ Access is not possible for general vehicles during the winter season (December to April) due to road closures 
※ Water vapor with a high acidity level is present both inside the facility and in the air of the surrounding area. Items such as watches, necklaces, earrings, and rings may change color due to chemical reactions, and precision instruments such as cell phones and computers run the risk of breaking down. Therefore, we ask that those coming to visit our hot spring bring as few of these types of items as possible. Please also make sure to remove jewelry and accessories before entering the bathing area. 
※ Some of the rooms have no TV or bathroom. Please understand that our hot spring centers around traditional "touji" practices rather than conventional hot spring facilities. We hope to offer a truly authentic "touji" experience. 

2.0 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Tamagawa, Tazawa-ko, Senboku City
Method of payment
Recommended season
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Business Hours
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 09:00~16:00

Admisson Fee
JPY800 / Adult, JPY400 / Child

Age 3-5: Free

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