Tsubame Onsen

Onsen(Hot Springs)
Free Admission

Sitting at an elevation of roughly 1,160 meters, Tsubame Onsen is a shared, open air bath located in the deepest part of the Myoko Kogen Hot Spring Township area. The hot spring is divided into two areas: “Kawara no Yu” and “Ogon no Yu.” Surrounded by abundant trees and offering a view of Mount Myoko from the bathing zone, it is an extremely liberating place to relax. The natural hot spring waters are milky white and have a moisturizing effect on skin. Driving up the mountain road, the Onsen pops into view. Its only man-made facilities are a simple changing room. It’s a secret spot visited only by those in the know. Surrounding Tsubame Onsen are various attractions such as So Falls, a massive waterfall with a roughly 80-meter drop, walking courses going through ravines, and trekking courses leading up to Mount Myoko.
※Use of Tsubame Onsen in the winter and at night are strongly advised against.

1.5 Hours
Postal code
Tsubameonsen, Myoko City Niigata
新潟県妙高市 燕温泉
Recommended season
June, July, August, September, October

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