Mt. Misen, the sacred mountain is just behind Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima

Sep 05 2019

For more than 400 years it’s been the popular place to travel


Miyajima is the famous sight in Hiroshima because not only it has the World Heritage site but also since 17 B.C. this place has been mentioned as one of the Three Views of Japan, Japan’s most celebrated scenic sights. Miyajima literally means the island of gods in Japanese. As the word referring, there is the huge shrine built along the beach, Itsukushima Shrine. Green mountains, red shrine, and blue ocean create beautiful landscape.

Touring through the air by ropeways


Mt. Misen stands just behind Istukushima Shrine and there is a ropeway leading up to the mountain at 500m. On sunny days, it shows spectacular landscape of mountains, ocean, and even Hiroshima city. The seasons of fresh green in May and Autumn leaves in November are both fabulous.

Walk, look, and feel the scenic mountain


The mountain is covered primary by forest and there is a popular trekking course. The forest hasn’t changed for 10,000 years and it became a part of World Heritage site. There are unique shaped rocks the nature created for long time and also a number of Buddhist structures. One hour is enough to walk and look around Mt.Misen and you can enjoy both the nature and cultural parts.

How to visit?

From Tokyo to Hiroshima, it takes about 90 minutes by a bullet train called “Nozomi.” After taking off at Hiroshima Station, take the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi Station for 25 minutes. From Miyajimaguchi Station, it is a short walk to the ferry pier. Ferries constantly depart for Miyajima. The ropeway station is a 20 minute walk from the ferry pier in Miyajima. In addition, there is a free shuttle bus running every 20 minutes, you could also take it at Momijidani Park Entrance to Miyajima Ropeway Momijidani station.

Spot Information

Mt. Misen

Standing at over 1640 ft (500) meters above sea level, Mt. Misen is the highest peak on Miyajima. With beautiful scenic views and lush forest, the flora of Mt. Misen would be enough to satisfy any nature enthusiast. But a much rarer sight can be seen by those who decide to take the mountain paths up. Deer can occasionally be seen wandering the mountain and, as a much rarer sight, a small number of wild monkeys also inhabit the forest. For those who wanted to see what the mountain had to offer without climbing up the mountain in its entirety, there is a network of ropeways that can help travelers in ascending the mountain. And for those who have the tenacity to make it all of the ways to the summit, they will be rewarded a stunning view over the mountain’s lush forest and of the Seto Inland Sea. If you are interested in Buddhist temples, it is also worth making a stop at Daishoin Temple on your way up.

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