• Tokyo City


    mobile game lover

    I'm Alina from China. Now I'm an exchange student in Tokyo. So it is a good time to travel around...

  • Miyagi


    Sendai Expert

    Hi, I am Shunsuke Wakamatsu. I was born and raised in Sendai, which is the biggest city in the To...

  • Tokyo City


    Adventure Seeker

    Seek out adventure to your heart's desire with me! Hello, fellow adventure seekers! My name is ...

  • Tokyo City


    Ramen enthusiast

    Discover the world of jazz bars and ramen shops on the streets of Tokyo. My name is Dimitri and ...

  • Hokkaido


    ・Travel consultant ・Hokkaido Lover・Family Supporter・Oyster Lover

    Nice to meet you! I have lived in Hokkaido for over 20 years and I fell in love with delicious fo...

  • Toyama


    Super Friendly Communicator


  • Tokyo City


    Fragrance Enthusiast

    Explore the world of incense together with me! I have traveled to 51 countries and have lived ...

  • Kochi


    Slow-life lover

    In many places, people’s lives are about how they live in harmony with nature. That includes not ...

  • Tokyo City


    Korean Student in Tokyo

    Let's explore Tokyo together! I am an international student from South Korea and I'm currently a...

  • Gifu


    I love animals.

    Hi! I'm Ami. I'm a student at Aichi Shukutoku University. I like miso soup and ramen noodle. Late...