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Omatagawa Kyoryo Bridge is a railway bridge between Okashinai and Kayakusa stations on the Akita Nairiku Line. A popular place among railroad fans, the bridge straddles the Anigawa River, and the colorful railroad cars that run over the bridge make for scenic pictures that are often used to represent the entire train line. The contrast between the colors of the forest, the red bridge, and the yellow, purple, and blue train cars is especially brilliant during autumn when the leaves are changing. It's a popular pastime to gaze at the bridge from afar, but we also recommend experiencing the scenery from inside the train as it crosses the bridge.
One unique trait of the Omatagawa Kyoryo Bridge is that it doesn't have any trusses (assemblies of beams attached to the main frame), so if you look down just a bit it will feel like you're walking through the air. Some trains also lower their speed as they pass over the bridge, so passengers can fully enjoy the view from high up.

*If you decide to take photos or videos of the bridge, please remember to take traffic safety into consideration and practice good manners.

0.5 Hours
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Anikayakusa, Kitaakita, Akita
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October, November

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