Taiheiko Lake / Komatakyo Gorge

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Taiheiko Lake is an artificial lake that is 30 kilometers in circumference and 50 meters deep. Nearby is the Komatakyo Gorge, which is one of the natural basins that flows into the lake and is known for the large number of fish that inhabit it. Designated as one of Akita prefecture's Scenic Spots and Natural Monuments, the area including the lake and the gorge is famous for its fresh verdure in May and autumn colors in mid-October.
Cruises are operated on the Taiheiko Lake starting in June, and just 30 minutes after departure these cruises will reach the Komatakyo Gorge Wharf. Originating at the wharf is a leisure trail 1.8 kilometers long that is outfitted with close to ten unique waterfalls. If you walk the entirety of the trail, you'll be able to experience the full impact of the 20-meter-tall Sangaitaki Waterfall that lies at the end.

The best times to visit:
・Green season: mid-May through early June
・Autumn colors: mid- to late October

Note: Roads are closed from mid-November through late May, and the cruises only run from June through October, so please pay close attention to the dates when planning your trip.

2.5 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Moriyoshi, Kitaakita City, Akita
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Recommended season
May, June, October

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